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Bump Patrol (Sensetive Formula)


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Bump Patrol (Sensetive Formula) New & Improved FormulaVisible Results in 48 HoursDermatologist RecommendedDO I NEED THIS SPECIAL SENSITIVE FORMULA?Definitely if you use a depilatory or are hypersensitive. It’s alcohol free so it won’t overdry your skin.DOES THIS STUFF REALLY WORK?You bet. In 48 hours you’ll see results. In 7 days, your razor bumps will be history. Guaranteed.O.K., BUT WILL MY RAZOR BUMPS COME BACK?Not if you use bump patrol and good quality razor every time you shave.WHAT IF I USE CLIPPERS?Use whatever you like.FINE, BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH A LOT OF MESS TO GET GREAT-LOOKING SKIN.No problem. Just shave and smooth bump patrol on everywhere you shaved. No mess. No fuss. No reason not to start using bump patrol right now, right?