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Novex - Collagen Infusion Hair Mask 14.1oz

door Novex

Novex Collagen Infusion contains 100% vegan Collagen. Collagen is a protein made from amino acids, such as glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine, which promote healthy hair. The Collagen Infusion Hair Mask provides the hair with a treatment that promotes strength.

Recommended for

Suitable for damaged and dull hair, fighting against the fragility of the hair


  • Promotes strength

  • Vegan Product.

  • Not Tested on Animals.

  • FREE of Sulfate, Parabens, Silicone and Petrolatum

  • Suitable for all hair types & textures


  1. Wash your hair and remove excess water.

  2. Apply Novex Collagen Infusion Mask, massage gently, and leave it on for 10 minutes.

  3. Rinse well and remove excess water. Finish as desired.