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Aunt Jackie's - Flaxseed Soft All Over - Multi-Purpose Oil 8oz

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Why AJ Soft All Over?Great oil elixir for all over softness and shine. On hair, it is amazing oil therapy that can be used as a hot oil treatment for damage control, daily, as part of a protective styling regimen, or as a finishing step when styling for shine and softness. On the body, skin achieves a healthy glow and soft touch when used in place of body lotion, or as a bath water softening treatment. For either use, this nourishing oil penetrates and invigorates the scalp and skin. Flaxseed recipes with:Coconut: Penetrates hair shaft, strengthens, conditions. Grapeseed & Jojoba Oils: Lightweight, moisture sealant, prevents dryness,Penetrates hair shaft, promotes healthy growth.Shea Butter: Locks in hydration, softens, shines.Ginseng: Invigorates, helps increase collagen, improves elasticity.