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Curls Unleashed - Green Tea & Cucumber Curl Refresher 8oz


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This lightweight formula redefines and refreshes curls, twist-outs, coils, and freestyles. Green tea and cucumber help extend the life of natural styles and second-day curls without build-up.
KEY INGREDIENTS/BENEFITS: Green Tea: Panthenol, along with the other antioxidants present in green tea, strengthens hair and manages split ends.  Cucumbers: High in silica, sulfur and Vitamin A; superior for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.  Aloe Vera Juice: Rich in amino acids, Vitamins A & C, and folic acid which promote strength and add shine, all while locking in moisture to improve smoothness and detangles.  Honey: A natural humectant which attracts moisture. Full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.HAIR TYPE

Perfect for: Second-day hair.
Suitable for: All hair types.