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Dessata - Perfect Curl Mask 300ml

door dessata

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With Dessata's Perfect Curl treatment for curly and wavy hair, consisting of shampoo, mask, serum and cream, showing off authentic curly hair is quick and easy. This range of hairdressing products for curly or wavy hair is specially designed for hair with complicated curls.

All Dessata Perfect Curl products comply with the sacred triangle for this type of hair: 0 weighing down, 0 for frizz and 10 for definition. And how do we achieve it? Thanks to the combination of advanced active ingredients with which we have created a line of professional hair cosmetics that allows us to achieve the best finishes and results.

Anti-frizz. With hydrolyzed honey protein. Its positive charges neutralize the negative ones and prevent frizz.

Moisturizing. Its light oils that prevent hair from drying out and weighing it down

Defined curls. The fixing agents that help define curls and waves in any circumstance, even in humid environments.

In this video, Alba Olucha, hairdresser and Club Dessata ambassador, explains step by step how to use the complete treatment correctly and professionally.