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Deva Curl - Supreme Defining Gel 946ml

door DevaCurl

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Previously Arc AnGel™ Gel, now Supreme Defining Gel. Definition without the crunch. This non-flaking formula with our strongest curl-locking blend provides a non-sticky curl cast that defines, fights frizz, and amplifies shine and bounce.

Will Supreme Defining Gel leave my curls stiff, flaky or crunchy?

No, all DevaCurl gels are formulated to leave curls feeling soft and touchable without residue or crunchiness. Scrunch when dry to release the curl cast and create an even softer finish.

What is the “curl cast” and what does it do?

Our gels form a curl cast that covers curls to ensure they dry defined and frizz-free. Once curls are dry, it is easily scrunched away.