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EBIN - Braid Formula Loc-N Shine 8oz

door Ebin
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  • [GEL] Loc, twist and braid gel is a specialized hair styling product that is made to enhanced, define, and maintain protective hairstyles such as locs, twists, and braids.
  • [EXTREME HOLD] Lock’n Shine gel has the extreme firm hold providing strong and long lasting hold for locs. Twists and braids without leaving the hair feeling stiff or crunchy. The formation strikes a balance between hold and flexibility giving comfortable and flexible feel.
  • [MOISTRUE] Our Lock’N Shine is alcohol free that is crucial for maintaining the moisture balance in the hair. No alcohol formulation retains the moisture and keeps the hair hydrated preventing breakage.
  • [HIGH SHINE] Lock’N Shine provides high shine finish, adding a lustrous and glossy appearance to the hair. The gel highlights the natural sheen of the hair providing healthy, vibrant and defined appearance.