Doorgaan naar inhoud


door Tweexy

Laat het me weten als het weer op voorraad is

Tweexy  is een nagellakhouder in de vorm van een grote ring. U kunt hier uw nagellakfles in stoppen tijdens het lakken, waardoor het onmogelijk is het flesje om te stoten. De slimme siliconen gadget past iedereen en op elk nagellakflesje. - Gemaakt van siliconen; - Geen omgevallen nagellakflesjes meer; - Snel, gemakkelijk en overal uw nagels lakken.
Tweexy is the original and only spill-proof, wearable nail polish bottle holder.
You are attracted to sensuality, but you also want things to function well.
tweexy is a soft and flexible one-piece beauty staple that makes polishing nails easier.
You love to buy new colors every season. Actually, let’s be honest, you’re a nail polish collector.
tweexy securely holds every branded and standard size nail polish bottle on the market.  We’ve tested them for you!
You are kind of a convenience freak, and, hey, you’ve got enough to carry already!
tweexy is small enough to fit in a makeup bag and weighs less than an ounce.
Your life is complicated enough.
tweexy simplifies the polishing process by eliminating the need for a flat surface to place your polish on, so tweexy can be used anywhere.
You want it all.
When you wear the tweexy, you can seize every last drop of polish just by naturally tilting your hand.
Some days, you over-caffeinate.
tweexy ends the fear of drips, spills and the inconvenience of reaching for the bottle.
You are going places.
tweexy can be used anywhere.