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Bounce Curl -Define Edge Lift Brush Teal


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Introducing our VIRAL exceptional custom-made, patented brush crafted from bio-based materials, specifically designed to enhance your waves, curls, and coils. This innovative 3-in-1 brush not only effortlessly smoothes your hair, but also creates well-defined clumps while preventing frizz. What sets this brush apart and makes it truly innovative is the "Edge" design crafted by our founder, Merian. The distinctive lateral edges of the brush play a pivotal role in effortlessly separating and smoothing curls for a remarkable styling experience. By utilizing this brush during your styling routine, you can also achieve flawless results by wrapping your hair around the handle, resulting in elegant ringlets. Additionally, the handle features a sleek texture that doubles as a tool for creating perfectly straight, parted lines in your hair. 

Internationally recognized and accepted in the EU. Patented in the USA.

Hair textureFine, medium, & coarse. 

Hair pattern: Wavy, curly, & coily.


  • Effortlessly Divide and Eliminate Frizz: The brush's lateral edges effortlessly divide and eliminate frizz, promoting smoothness and separation in your hair.

  • Eco-Friendly Bio-Based Composition: Made from eco-friendly materials, this brush is a sustainable choice for your hair care routine.

  • Delicate Vegan Boar Bristles: The brush features vegan boar bristles delicately placed on rounded tips for precise and controlled styling.

  • Versatile 3-in-1 Brush: Style your hair effortlessly, add volume, and use the handle to create precise parts and separations.

  • Exclusive Patented Design: Our patented brush design is truly one-of-a-kind, ensuring no one else can replicate these innovative features.

  • Please note that the brush pad has an air hole that is necessary for ventilation.